Media Resources

The Office of the Superintendent/President works in collaboration with the Marketing and Communications Office to share College of Marin's mission and how the institution is accomplishing its objectives to provide equitable, student-centered programs and services.


Members of the News Media

Have a question about College of Marin news or initiatives? Contact Nicole Cruz, (415) 485-9508 for more information.


Members of the Campus Community

Request a Feature Story or Submit an Article to the President's Blog

We love to share stories about the great things happening on our campuses. Know of something newsworthy? Email Nicole Cruz.



Promote your event by submitting the info below four weeks in advance. Please indicate if the event is open to students, faculty, staff, or the public. If the public is invited, the information may also be distributed to local media outlets.

Please email the event information to Mary Kesler in the following format:

Contact Information
Fee (including ticket information, if applicable)
Include a paragraph describing the event, biographies of performers, and any other pertinent information.



Here's the info needed to recognize the exemplary work and outstanding achievements of our students, faculty, and staff. 

Awards Recognition
If the individual has won an achievement award, please include the name of the recipient, their title, the name of the award, the name of the organization bestowing the award, the date that the award was given, where the award was given, and why the award was given.

For books, please include the title of the book, the name of the author, their title, the name of the publisher, and date of publication. Also, include a brief description of the book and any special recognition that the book and/or the author has received.

For articles, please include the name of the author, their title, the title of the article, the name of the periodical, the volume number, the date of publication, and a brief description of the article, and any special recognition about the article and/or the author.

Art Shows
For fine arts shows, please include the name of the artist, their title, the location of the show, the name of the show, the title of the work, the medium in which the work was created (oil, ceramic, watercolor, metal sculpture, etc.), a brief description, and any special recognition that the artist or work has received.

Professional Presentations
For presentations at conferences or other events, please include the presenter's name, their title, the name of the conference, the date of the conference, the title of the presentation, and a brief description of the presentation.

Athletic Achievements
Include the name of the student, coach, or coaches; title (if applicable); team name, and a complete description of the accomplishment.

You may also submit recognition of students, faculty, and staff for other reasons at your discretion, including appointments to statewide or local professional organizations, grant awards, development of new program or class, or other acknowledgments.


College Logo and Usage

All College publications must include the College of Marin logo. The College logo is available in several different variations and formats. Please contact Nicole Cruz to request a logo file. In addition, the Department of Education requires the inclusion of other information related to accessibility and guidance for individuals seeking special assistance. If you have questions about logo usage and required boilerplate content, please contact the College Services Department.


The College of Marin logo may not be stretched to resize or recolor. Do not add your department or project name onto the logo or incorporate the logo into a text sentence. Do not try to match your document font to the logo's typeface, as its purpose is to stand out as a recognizable identifier.

Graphic Treatments

Do not apply drop shadows or any other filters or effects to the logo. Do not layer other images or graphic elements on top or behind it.

Placement and Size

Take care in determining the appropriate size of the logo in relation to your project. Logos that are too small to be legible or are oversized look unprofessional. Do not scale or stretch the logo.

The College Seal

The seal is only to be used by the Office of the Superintendent/President for awards, diplomas, certificates, and the like. The seal and logo should never be used together or altered. The vast majority of College of Marin collateral should use the logo, not the seal.

For additional guidelines regarding use of the College name, official names of programs, offices, and buildings, etc., refer to the College of Marin Styleguide.