Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Recap - December 6, 2016

December 7th, 2016 - 2:51pm

The Board of Trustees passed all consent and action items on the December 6, 2016, Board meeting agenda. There were clerical edits to dates consent item H.4. Classified Personnel Recommendations which have been posted to Board Docs and noted in red. Read on for meeting highlights.

Organizational Meeting

During the organizational meeting, Trustee Diana Conti was seated as President, Trustee Eva Long as Vice President and Trustee Philip Kranenburg as Clerk.  Trustee Bevis declined the seat of Clerk.  The regular meeting calendar was approved.  Board retreats will be scheduled at a later date.  Trustees received a listing of standing Board committees and were asked to communicate their requests to serve on specific committees to President Conti.  Trustees thanked outgoing President O’Brien for her service. 

Study Session

During the study session, Trustees provided input on their individual reviews of sections of the Institutional Self Evaluation Report noting that the report is well written and provides documentation of all the College has accomplished since the last self-evaluation.  Trustees also reviewed the process for selection of Project Management/Construction Management firm(s).   

Chief Executive Officer Report

The CEO report contained updates on the proposed fee increases for the Intensive English Program, details of the revisions to the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan and a report on the District’s 2015-2016 Financial Statements. 


Highlighted consent and action items include:


Employment Actions
The Board approved the appointment of the following employees:
  • Farhad Zabihi, Math Instructor, 1.0 FTE
  • Paul Daubenmire, Chemistry Instructor, 1.0 FTE
  • Jon Horinek, Dean of Enrollment Services
  • Mayra Ramirez, Buyer (Measure B), 1.0 FTE
  • Klaus Christiansen, Assistant Director of Facilities, Planning, Maintenance and Operations
Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
The Board approved the following Board policies:
  • BP 4010 Academic Calendar
  • BP 5030 Fees
The Board received the following Board policies for a first reading.  These policies will be sent to the January 2017 Board meeting for a second read and approval:
  • BP 3900 Speech: Time, Place, Manner
  • BP 5040 Student Records and Directory Information
  • BP 7400 Travel
Other Actions

The Board of Trustees approved the Institutional Self Evaluation Report, the Revised Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, the final 2016-2021 Facilities Master Plan, an increase in fees for the Intensive English Program, the 2017/18 Academic Calendar and appointed members to the Finance Advisory Committee and the Measure B Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.  Trustees also accepted the 2015-16 Financial Audit and a donation of property.

The agenda and related materials can be found online under the “Meetings” tab in the December 6, 2016, meeting.

December 6, 2016, meeting agenda