Board of Trustees Regular Meeting Recap - October 18, 2016

October 19th, 2016 - 11:01am

The Board of Trustees passed all consent and action items on the October 18, 2016, Board meeting agenda.

There was one minor change to:
Administrative Procedure AP 6251 Reserve Fund Management as noted on the revised document.

Highlighted consent and action items include:

Employment Actions
The Board approved the appointment of the following new employees:
  • Candice Hansen, Human Resources II
  • Anthony Spediacci, Police Officer
  • Krishna Ganapuram, Bond Accountant

Lori Moraca will continue as Interim Director of Child Development and Early Childhood Education Programs and Robin Darcangelo has accepted daily oversight of the Enrollment Services operations until the search for a Dean has been completed.

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
The Board approved the following Board policies and received the following administrative procedures for information:
  • BP/AP 6200 Budget Preparation
  • BP/AP 6250 Budget Management
  • AP 6251 Reserve Fund Management (New)
  • AP 2717 Conflict of Interest
Facilities Master Plan

Trustees approved the 2016 Facilities Master Plan. This comprehensive plan is a result of a 16-month process that included over 80 meetings with external and internal constituency groups including 9 public forums at both campuses to seek community input. The community forums helped to full inform the process even more so and many of these ideas were adopted. The Facilities Master Plan also takes into consideration the passage of the 2016 Measure B bond program and its impacts to both campuses in Kentfield and Indian Valley along with our single site in Bolinas. This master plan takes into consideration soil conditions, flood areas, liquefaction, parking, updates to previous studies done during the previous bond, utility mapping of both campuses, facilities condition report and other reports that will become appendixes of the final FMP book.  Beyond the maps this document will be a very comprehensive document to be used throughout the Measure B bond program and will save resources in the future from duplicating work.

Measure B Bond Spending Plan/Project List

Trustees also approved the Measure B Bond Spending Plan/Project list that ties directly to the Facilities Master Plan. The project list has 3 main components. 1. Project name, 2. Project Estimated Budget, 3. Project Scope Statement.  This list is broken down between Kentfield, Indian Valley, and District Wide. It is the culmination of both taxable and tax-exempt bonds that will be sold for the first series. It is estimated that the list will be revised periodically to adjust figures based on market conditions, bid amounts, savings and/or other projects that come to fruition during the life of the bond program. 

Resolution 2016-24 Certification of Election Results for Measure B Bond 

Trustees approved Resolution 2016-24 certifying the election results for Measure B and approved by the Board of Trustees as required. 

Resolution 2016-25 Authorizing the Issuance of MCCD Election of 2016 General Obligation Bonds, Series A and Series A-1, and actions related thereto

Trustees approved Resolution 2016-25 to authorize issues of 2016 General Obligation Bonds in the amount of $97,500,000 ($60,000,000 Tax Exempt Series A and $37,500,000 taxable Series A-1).

Other Actions

Approved contract with ELS Architecture for the design of the IVC Pool/Aquatic Center and approved an increase in Dental, STD, and LTD benefits.

The agenda and related materials can be found online under the “Meetings” tab in the October 18, 2016, meeting.

October 18, 2016, meeting agenda