March Data Nugget: Research to Support Increasing Enrollment

March 21st, 2017 - 12:24pm

One of COM’s strategic planning objectives is to increase enrollment to its 2012 level. Working with the Enrollment Services Office, PRIE’s first look at data that might help to see where the College can improve its efforts focused on students living in the Bay Area but outside of Marin. About 800 of these students enroll at COM each semester. Almost 60 percent live in Sonoma or Contra Costa Counties. Another 20 percent come from San Francisco County. Enrollment from Contra Costa and San Francisco has been fairly flat, while it has declined from other Bay Area Counties—especially Solano.   

These students were most likely to major in registered nursing, art, business administration-transfer or biology. Students from Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Solano counties were more likely than those from other counties to have attended for more than one term during a two-year period. More students from Contra Costa and Solano than other counties received financial aid. Students from these counties also were more likely to be Hispanic than students from other Bay Area counties. 

For more detail, see the report posted on PRIE’s Research and Analysis webpage.