President's Blog Replaces the President's Weekly Briefing

August 1st, 2016 - 12:01pm


This fall 2016 semester College of Marin reaches an important milestone in the institution’s history. In 1926 the first class of 87 students enrolled and over the years that number has grown to 13,000 annually.  The start of this academic year marks 90 years of transforming lives through education and training!

Both campuses have been modernized with new and updated facilities, technology infrastructure upgrades, and implementation of initiatives that encourage student success. Providing a 21st century learning environment will continue thanks to Marin County voters who approved the June 2016 Measure C educational facilities bond. Stay tuned for news about the bond and how you can be involved in the planning process.

In order to keep up with changing communication methods, the President’s Weekly Briefing will no longer be sent out via email. Instead, the new College of Marin home page will feature From the President’s Desk, a blog that feeds all the articles that would have been included in the President’s Weekly Briefing as they are submitted and ready for publication. 

We love to share stories about the great things happening on our campuses. Submit your newsworthy items via email to Nicole Cruz and include the following information:

Here's the info needed to recognize the exemplary work and outstanding achievements of our faculty, staff, and students. 

Awards recognition
If the individual has won an achievement award, please include the name of the recipient, their COM title, the name of the award, the name of the organization bestowing the award, the date that the award was given, where the award was given, and why the award was given.

For books, please include the title of the book, the name of the author, their COM title, the name of the publisher, and date of publication. Also, include a brief description about the book and any special recognition that the book and/or the author has received.

For articles, please include the name of the author, their COM title, the title of the article, the name of the periodical, the volume number, the date of publication, and a brief description of the article, and any special recognition about the article and/or the author.

Art Shows
For fine arts shows, please include the name of the artist, their COM title, the location of the show, the name of the show, the title of the work, the medium in which the work was created (oils, ceramics, water color, metal sculpture, etc.), a brief description, and any special recognition that the artist or work has received.

Professional Presentations
For presentations at conferences or other events, please include the name of the employee, their title, the name of the conference, the date of the conference, the title of the presentation, and a brief description of the presentation.

Athletic Achievements
Include the name of the student, coach, or coaches; title (if applicable); name of team, and a complete description of the accomplishment.

You may also submit recognition of faculty and staff for other reasons at your discretion, including appointments to statewide or local professional organizations, grant awards, development of new program or class, or other acknowledgements.



Promote your event by submitting the info below four weeks in advance. Please indicate if the public is or is not invited to attend. If the public is invited, the information also will be distributed to local media outlets.

Please send the information using the following format:

Name of the event
Contact name and phone number
Ticket sales information

Also, include a paragraph describing the event, biographies of performers, and other pertinent information.