San Rafael Chamber Names Beth Patel Educator of the Month

January 26th, 2017 - 11:02am

Beth Patel has taught advanced levels of English as a second language at College of Marin (COM) since 2001. In addition to her teaching, Beth has collaborated on curriculum development and alignment with statewide competency rubrics, along with involvement in a number of Basic Skills Initiative projects. She is also expanded professional development offerings at COM over the last three years in her role as professional development facilitator. To help orient over 60 new full-time faculty that have been hired in recent years, she has implemented a semester-long New Faculty Academy. The San Rafael Chamber honored Patel as January's Educator of the Month for her outstanding contributions in the areas of curriculum improvement, instructional excellence, personal involvement and leadership, overall program improvement, and exemplary support to the classroom. Congratulations and kudos!